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I offer private lessons to help you improve your technique, develop more efficient practice methods, unlock your improvisation, and become a better musician. 


My goal as an instructor is to share tools that will make you a more proficient player, help you to find clarity on questions you may have, and enable you to experience music at a deeper level. 


I provide insights and methods that are useful for deconstructing difficult material and will limit the number of barriers standing between having a creative thought and expressing it through your instrument. 


As an educator, I have taught private lessons for over 15 years. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Western Washington University, where I worked for three years as a Jazz Instructor. Currently, I teach Jazz and Applied Drum Set at Whatcom Community College and serve as an Ensemble Coach and Educational Outreach Director for the Jazz Center of Bellingham.

1/2-hour Weekly Lessons


Best for beginning drummers

-Technique development

-Listening exercises

-Standard grooves in a variety of genres

-Introduction to improvisation

1-hour Weekly Lessons


For intermediate or advanced drummers

-Advanced technique development

-Improvisation exercises

-Listening exercises

-Study of abstract concepts

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a lesson.

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